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About us

Elevate to Prevail is a Professional Counselling and Certified Professional Life Coaching.

Elevate to Prevail provides a blueprint for building self-awareness, tools and tips for developing better communication skills, dealing with stress, setting and achieving goals.

Topics include: Goal attainment

  • Goal setting to Success
  • Long and short term planing
  • Accountability
  • Commitment

Career / Spiritual

  • Life Purpose


  • Dept management
  • Budgeting


  • Happiness
  • Mindfulness
  • Identity
  • Emotiones
  • Focus &intention
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs

What makes us different?  

  • Relevant advice 
  • Inspirational stories
  • Practical tips

What our clients are saying:

  • Please take a look in the reviews section.

Whether you’re aiming to achieve that next big goal or important project, or you’re at a crossroads in your life, or you’ve lost your drive, passion or direction, Counselling and Life Coaching with us will 100% EMPOWER you to envision, create and activate the life and lifestyle you want to live. To live your best life NOW!
 We are apt to distort our observations about ourselves, and so we need an objective observer to help us!

What People Say

Very encouraged and motivated, after I work with Galina fromElevate to Prevail it brings me a practical step on how to set goals for success! Today I not just know how to set the goals but as well I have steps how to achieve them. Thank you, Galina!

 Mariana T

When I ask for help I find the services very useful and helpful. It helped me really solve my problem in a practical way. I am very satisfied!

Daniela M

Thank you for all my progress. When I met you I was unsure and inexperienced after my meeting with you my whole life changed.

Pepi K

Let’s build something together.

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